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K.G.C. Video and Book
The book "Knights of the Golden Circle: Signs and Symbols to Treasure" shows many examples of K.G.C. signs and symbols to find treasure. The video contains examples of how the K.G.C. marked their treasure sites using signs and symbols. On this video you will see the following:

1) K.G.C. - Symbols found in a cave
2) K.G.C. - Underground Bunker (Temple Site)
3) Weapons Found - used as markers: pistol, rifles
4) Jesse James - Symbols and Carvings
5) Jesse James Cave - K.G.C. Symbols
6) Various K.G.C. Symbols
7) Metal Plates used as Markers
8) K.G.C. Cache Found - Gold and Silver Coins
9) K.G.C. Rock Maps
10) Snake Symbols
11) Turtle Symbols

Identify K.G.C. Sites and Start Digging!
Book and Video come together for $ 50.00.

K.G.C. Treasure Maps
Total of 4 K.G.C. maps to treasure. Classic examples of how the K.G.C. coded and hid millions using maps. Signs and Symbols were used on K.G.C. maps. Get 4 K.G.C. treasure maps for $ 20.00.
Death Certificates of Famous Outlaws
Cole Younger
Frank James
Wyatt Earp
Emmet Dalton

$ 5.00 each or all 4 for $ 15.00.

Trial Transcript of Frank James
After Frank surrendered in 1882, he was tried twice in Missouri and found not guilty. Read the actual transcript and Frank's testimony in court. For the first time the gang's movements and techniques of holdups are revealed. $ 15.00.
Belle Starr Relics
Own a piece of history. Actual dug relics from Belle's outlaw cabin site at Youngers' Bend. Mounted on a nice plaque with a photo of Belle on horseback. $ 20.00.

Letters of Jesse James
Authenticated handwritten letters of Jesse James alias J.D. Howard. Read about history's most famous outlaw. Actual copies of letters. 3 letter packet $ 15.00.
Video- "Raid on Coffeyville"
See what really happened on october 5, 1892. See Emmet Dalton re-create that day in 1892. As the lone survivor he went back and filmed actual events in 1916. He plays himself in the Dalton's raid on
Coffeyville. Now for the first time see the famous outlaw in person as he re-creates history. Recieve this video for $ 25.00.


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