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Financial Accounting
Incomes used to finance the conspiracy which the United States government knew to be factual.

The federal payroll robbed on the banks of the Red River, Arkansas, which the federal spy, Stidger, and Judge Advocate Burnett, said was used to arm the Copperheads (an offshoot of the Knights of the Golden Circle) in the Northwest.

2 million dollars

The Wild Cut Bluffs Treasure was buried in a blood-thirsty way in 1864, proving that violence begets violence. Colonel Jesse W. James with a cavalry brigade suprised a Union Army wagon train loaded with supplies near Wild Cat Bluffs, Arkansas. The wagons were guarded by a Union regiment of Negro infantrymen under white officers.

After a brief battle, the wagons and Union troop were captured. The wagons, loaded with salt, quinine, bandages, horseshoes, ammunition, new carbines, shoes, boots, etc., were immediately wheeled south to Confederate Army supply depots.

Meanwhile, James ordered a search of Union officers and men. The Confederates were horrified to find 250 wedding and engagement rings with white fingers still in the rings. At this time a detail was sent out by General Marmaduke who reported that scores of women and girls had been violated, homes looted, barns burned and cows, chickens and bedding stolen. Worst of all, several hundred white women were found who had lost there ring fingers by brutal amputation.

James ordered a swift Confederate Drumhead Military Trial held, the accused were given a chance to speak if they wanted to, but the evidence spoke for itself. All 1,000 Union officers and men were condemned to die. A deep gulley was selected as the execution site.

As firing squads shot the Yankees, bodies were tossed into the gulley. The loot collected by Rebel officers amounted to four bushel baskets of rings, lockets, bracelets, watches, plus money. In addition, a paychest held two months' pay for about 1,800 men. It was mostly in gold and silver coins. The loot was stuffed in a crack about a third of the way up the face of the bluff and the dead Yankees and loot were covered up. Wild Cat Bluff is situated not far from Centerpoint, Arkansas.